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A Stay-At-Home Art Show


The effects of COVID-19 cannot be escaped. It’s meant closing our doors to customers and cancelling planned artist shows. Much of the community is asked to stay home and avoid contact with one another. There are so many unknowns that raise feelings of fear and anxiety. 

We want to offer a small hand in providing a venue for a little bit of creative outlet for the community. We did get the inspiration for this project from another art gallery and framing studio, so we can’t claim that it is completely original. 

We want to bring a little bit of hope and joy into the turbulent times that we are currently living.

What we want to put on is a semi-virtual art show, meaning the show will be visible physically in our gallery windows and also in an online gallery. We want to make sure that everyone is able to comply with distance and isolation guidelines, so everything will be visible from the street. 



Open Call for Submissions

This is a community art show. Anyone in Petersburg and surrounding areas is welcome to participate. There are no age limits. Any kind of medium and all skill  levels are acceptable.

At this time this will be a rotating, ongoing art show where we are open to receiving submissions throughout this time of uncertainty and physical isolation. We do ask that each person limit themselves to one entry per week. 

If you have a story or some kind of special note that you would like to include in the display, we more than welcome that little bit of extra personalization. There is a field in the entry form to include such text. 

PDF version of subsmission form. E-mail form and art file to mark@firelightgallery.com.  Button will open an interactive Google Forms to fill out and a place to attach your art file. 

Digital Submissions Only

Again, because we want to limit physical contact, what is unique and different about this art show is that we are requesting artists to photograph their creations and submit it online (details below). 

We will print the entries, place them under matting, and use one of the extra frames we have around the shop to frame them. They will then be placed on display in the window and on the online gallery. 

Please also note that we plan to print most of these pieces no larger than 12x12. If practical we will retain the original dimensions that you give us. 

We are currently discouraging submissions of original physical works. We don’t have the capacity to retain and track originals for return at this time. 


Two-dimensional art is certainly an obvious candidate for this show. Paintings, drawings, collages, fabric art, etc. 

Photography is another easy to submit medium, especially if it already exists as a digital file.

Art created digitally is another great candidate.

Three-dimensional art is acceptable also. Just know that it has to be photographed and it will end up framed as a digital print. 

Other non-traditional art might include poetry or short prose that is printed and framed. 

Your creativity in what can be framed as a digital print Is the only limit.

For Sale and Not For Sale Art

We will accept artwork that is both for sale and not for sale. The submission form includes separate fields for pricing digital prints and original pieces. Both, either, or none can be for sale. 

Please do keep in mind that we will add in commissions, material costs, and such to the final customer price of any for-sale pieces and that payment toward these extra costs will be retained by the gallery. 

Tips for Photographing Submissions

When photographing your art, try to have as even a lighting as possible. Use a tripod, if at all possible, and use the lowest ISO setting. It’s best if you can find lighting that is 5000K (daylight white) in color temperature, or as close to it as you can. 

Three-dimensional artwork will be more of a challenge because of depth-of-field issues. For these using a normal to wide angle lens and using a small f-stop would be a general recommendation. However, a wider f-stop and bokeh might offer some interesting 2-D compositions. 

This page provides an illustrated example of photographing an art piece. 

That said, if all you have is a phone camera, we can work with it. Most recent ones have high enough quality for good reproductions. 

We‘ve created small black/grey/white strips that you can use to help us get the colors and exposure closer to what they are in real-life. We can hand them to you at the gallery door (one of the few contact points that we can’t avoid, or physical mail if you prefer) if you think it will be helpful. These strips can be included as  part of the photograph submitted. If you have an actual color chart (such as one from X-Rite), please do include it.

Unless directed otherwise, we will perform some color and other adjustments that we think is needed to achieve best print reproduction.

We aren’t expecting perfection in submitted photos. We just need something that you are satisfied with as representing your intent. We want to keep this show accessible to everyone, and a space where the Creatives, regardless of experience or skills can express their thoughts and feelings.

Ownership, Rights, and Such

You as the artist owns all the rights to your creation and any reproductions. We are simply the agent for your work. We will display the framed digital reproduction for a period of one week. After that week it is up to our discretion to keep it up, take it down, or any decision to display it again in the future. You may rescind your submission any time before it is displayed, or after the first week, if it is displayed. If you offer the reproduction and/or the original for sale, if it is sold, you will receive the amount agreed upon at submission.