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Award Winning Custom Framing

Gallery Notes

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For Sale Items

Some of the displayed items are for sale. Prices are listed under the item. Please call or e-mail with your request. Because these are unique art items, it is possible that an item may have sold prior to your request. We apologize in advance if this is the case. 

Listed Frame Prices for As-Is Condition

We are reusing and recycling previously used frames. Some of the frames may have cosmetic flaws and minor dents and scratches. Listed prices are taking into account these considerations and are priced accordingly. 

You may choose to order a new frame for the regular cost minus the cost of framing included in the listed price. Please call or e-mail for details. 

To Enter Your Own Work

If viewing these pieces leads you to want to enter your own work, click the button see all the information on entering. 

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